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Drop—African Mango Dietary Drops

Are Cravings Derailing Your Diet & Life?

You long for a slimmer, sexier body, but your body can undermine your goal by demanding you eat foods that are off-limits. Cravings—intense desires to eat certain foods—are psychological and biological. Yes you need to eat, but cravings are all in your head, and that's the problem. Controlling these urges are the key to managing a healthy diet and lifestyle.

The Greater Your Weight, The More You Ate

A study on food cravings and behavior reported by 32 women in a six-month experiment found:

- The person's highest weight was related to the amount she ate when giving in to cravings

- The less active you are, the fattier the foods you crave

- The most commonly craved foods are twice as calorie-dense as healthier alternatives

- Craved foods are usually mixes of carbs and fats, doubling their pleasure to your body

- People who successfully lost weight had as many cravings as their peers, but they gave in less often

- Cravings never go away, no matter how much weight you lose, we all have to develop a way to control our cravings and give in less often, and control portions when we do

How To Drop Cravings Like A Bad Habit

Let's be real: We all struggle with our diets, appetites, and cravings. 

Drop's ingredients are clinically proven to help kick cravings to the curb. 

Use Drop daily for less desires to eat between meals even when you're restricting calories. Our list of all-natural ingredients have too many benefits to list. Essentially, Drop's ingredients boost metabolism, suppress appetite, support fat burning by using stored fat for energy instead of glucose, and help you maintain lean muscle tone.


Many people first heard about African mango when it was featured on the Dr. Oz Show on 13 September 2010 where he hailed it as a "miracle in your medicine cabinet."

Dr. Oz's website says: "New studies indicate that this Mango acts like a potent fibre. It's highly effective at sequestering fat and cholesterol and taking them out of the body. We especially enjoyed its noticeable, yet gentle, appetite suppressing effect. And in addition to supporting our metabolism and managing appetite, African Mango is also known as a belly fat burner."


- David Jeffery, the editor of Body for Life, has indicated that African Mango ranks as the best holistic remedy for losing fat that he’s seen during his 25-year research span.

- Fox News reported that individuals who are overweight can drop pounds, get rid of the fat around their belly and decrease their bad cholesterol level by utilizing African Mango.

- Top personal trainer, Eric Hind commented that his clients are achieving monumental results since they have begun to include African Mango in their daily fitness program.

- Dr. Pellegrino, M.D. stated that using the African Mango supplement appears to be safe and an effective approach to reducing weight. Reducing the excess fat around the middle section is important in a person’s overall health and the supplement has shown to have an undeniable effect on the reduction of the measurement around the waist.


Unlike many other weight loss supplements on the market, African Mango has clinical studies behind it. 

A study at the University of Yaounde in Cameroon, the first controlled clinical trial of the extract's effectiveness as a weight-loss aid, randomly assigned 102 overweight adults to take either African Mango or a placebo twice a day for 10 weeks. The study participants did not follow any special diet and were told to maintain their normal exercise levels.

By the end of the study, the extract group had lost a significant amount of weight — an average of roughly 28 pounds — while the placebo group showed almost no change. 

At the same time, they showed declines in "bad" LDL cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Dr. Julius E. Oben and his colleagues report these findings in the online journal Lipids in Health and Disease. The Fairfield, California- based Gateway Health Alliances, Inc. supplied the Irvingia gabonensis extract and partially funded the research.

The Other All-Natural Ingredients In DROP:

Drop includes more than African Mango extract. Our formula also includes amino acids, Maca, and other carefully chosen natural ingredients to help remove toxins, boost energy levels and turn fat into muscle.

+ L-Ornithine - helps remove toxins from the body thereby assisting metabolism, boosts energy levels and helps provide a better night’s sleep

+ L-Carnitine - helps turn fats into energy

+ L-Arginine - improves blood flow, stimulates fat burning and helps with formation of muscles 

+ L-Glutamine - Enhances metabolism and helps reduce cravings 

+ Maca - boosts energy and helps muscle gain 

+ Rhodiola - boosts energy 

+ Niacin - helps convert fat to energy

Drop Your Cravings The First Month, Guaranteed:

Accept this invitation to kick your cravings to the curb by trying Drop risk-free for one month. Just a little bit each day is guaranteed to help you feel less hungry, make better choices, and cut down on sweet and salty treats that are bad for your body. Drop gives you the power to control your appetite. You might even have to remind yourself to eat. At the end of the next month you're going to be more healthy, happy, and fit, or you can send back an empty bottle for a full refund. Your satisfaction is guaranteed so try Drop today.