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The Real Thing Healthy Natural Treat for your Fur Babies

We know how precious your fur babies are and we have looked at what is on the market and could not find what we wanted, so we made it our self.

Our treats contain only one ingredient and it is not cooked or freeze dried. It is air dried naturally using a process that has been around for over 400 years before refrigeration existed.

This process preserves all the goodness and provides your pet with a healthy raw treat, just like nature intended.

The drying process is carefully done by hand to ensure it is delicious and is not brittle.

Every piece is made with love in the USA.

4 harmful ingredients in OTHER pet treats to be aware of:

Listed as "Vegetable Glycerine", "Glycerine" or "Glycerol" absorbs water so treats appear fresher for longer. It adds weight to fool you into thinking there's more value and tastes sweet to trick your pet into liking it. It's used in manufacture of soaps and detergents and is a by-product of biofuels. It's on FDA's short list as a link to "mystery illnesses.”

Nitrates like sodium nitrate, are salts made from nitric and sulfuric acids. It's added to preserve color to attract you to buy it. It's linked to diseases including arthritic symptoms, immune system abnormalities, cancers and in severe cases death.

***Sugar and sweeteners:
Xylitol or Corn Syrup is used to disguise a low quality product that's not tasty to dogs. Research shows it can result in hypoglycaemia, obesity and tooth decay. Other effects include drop in blood sugar, lethargy, vomiting, trouble standing or walking.

***Grains and Corn:
Dogs are carnivorous with natural diets of high levels of protein, water, fats with very little carbohydrates. Reversing this can result in obesity, cancer, diabetes and chronic inflammation. Corn is a cheap incomplete form of protein and no substitute for animal protein. Don't sacrifice your pets health to save the manufacturer money!

The Real Thing Natural Pet Treat is based on a family recipe centuries old brought to South Africa by the Voortrekkers who had a unique way of curing meat, as there was no refrigeration and making a delicious treat that remained fresh for months.

This tried and tested traditional recipe is now being extended to your fur kids to protect your pet's health with this unique, healthy and delicious snack.

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