About Us

The Real Thing is a successful well-established organic health food supplement company producing only the highest quality ingredients for our human clients.

As huge animal lovers we are very concerned with the harmful ingredients found in certain Chinese pet treats as well as bad ingredients found in pet treats made in the USA.
We have therefore produced a completely natural, healthy alternative for your furry family.

100% Natural Ingredients
100% USA Lean Beef
100% Made in the USA
NO chemical preservatives, MSG, nitrates, additives or fillers.

The Real Thing offers you peace of mind knowing your pet is receiving the very best.

Despite the FDA’s best efforts they are not always successful in identifying the exact contaminant causing harm and even death to our pets.

Why play Russian roulette with your pets health? Only give your pet treats made in the USA using ingredients that originate in the USA.

The Real Thing uses only 100% unprocessed USA lean beef produced in a fully USDA certified facility.

Only natural spices are used in the meat curing process which is lovingly and individually done by hand.

The meat is cured and not cooked which means that all the goodness and nutrition is retained in the beef.

Vets have told us that this treat is so loved that very sick dogs who refuse all other food, never refuse this.

The sausage shaped treats can be broken into any size and is great for training.

Let your pet have the final word on the quality and taste of our product. We’ve been keeping humans healthy for years and we now extend this to your furry kids.

Our guarantee to you is that your dog absolutely loves it, or your money back.

At The Real Thing we believe in giving back and therefore a percentage of all sales will go to various charities who lovingly care for our pets.