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About Us

The Real Thing cares about the health and happiness of your fur babies. As animal lovers The Real Thing is concerned with dangerous ingredients in Chinese treats and harmful ingredients in USA pet treats claiming to be "all natural".

The Real Thing uses only 100% real, unprocessed ingredients that is both sourced and made in the USA. The Real Thing is USA Made AND Sourced. Ensure your treats AND treat ingredients are sourced in the USA. Some label their products "Made in the USA" when it's imported and merely ASSEMBLED in the USA.

Ensure your treats AND treat ingredients are sourced in the USA. Some label their products "Made in the USA" when it's imported and merely ASSEMBLED in the USA.

The ingredients we provide and the love you share is the real thing and we know that only the best will do.

The Real Thing Treats are made from only the highest quality ingredients that are not only made but also sourced in the USA.

The Real Thing is an established organic health food supplement company producing only the highest quality ingredients for human clients. As animal lovers we are concerned with harmful ingredients found in some pet treats from China and the bad ingredients and fillers found in pet treats made in the USA and felt compelled to produce a completely natural and healthy alternative.

Following The Real Thing tradition to provide only the best, we now extend that to your furry family. Our treats contain no chemical ingredients, grains, fillers, rendered by-products, sugar, artificial preservatives like nitrates, or ingredients pets may be allergic to. In fact our product contains only one ingredient.

The Real Thing
Natural Pet Treats
Keeping it Real


The Real Thing cannot be compared to any other product on the market. There is nothing else like it. We have finally answered the call of the caring and discerning pet lovers who value their pet’s health and want them to have The Real Thing. This is the only pet product that is human grade, using only one ingredient without any scraps or fillers. It is not cooked or freeze dried, this unique air dry process keeps the product in its raw state and preserving all it’s nutrients.

This family recipe is lovingly made the same way it has been for humans for centuries, it is a slow process taking around 2 weeks before it is ready to guarantee a wholesome tasty product that pets can’t resist.


An All American treat for dogs and cats. Originating from a 400-year old South African Recipe and made in the USA in a facility which makes snacks for humans.

The ingredients in The Real Thing is quite simple, it’s only chicken.

We believe your pet is part of your family and deserves The Real Thing because the love they give is most definitely the real thing.

The Real Thing pet treat is lovingly produced by hand in the same way treats have been made for humans for centuries and none of that quality has been compromised.

It’s so delicious and nutritious it’s used by veterinarians to feed sick animals who won’t eat anything else.

It requires no refrigeration as this method was invented to preserve meat before refrigeration was invented.

This process preserves all the goodness and provides your pet with a healthy raw treat, just like nature intended.

The drying process is carefully done by hand to ensure it is delicious and is not brittle.

Every piece is made with love in the USA.

The Real Thing… living up to its name!

Why settle for anything less.